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I wholeheartedly want to speak life into the ordinary person who is stuck but desires change. This book was written with the purpose of reaching people in all walks of life that don't know where to start. It is not scholarly in its approach, because I aim to meet you where you are and talk to you, not at you. It will speak to you on a personal, real, and comprehendible level. I have discovered that people like to feel valued and are more receptive when you meet them where they are. This is me speaking to you and meeting you where you are. I desire to help and although my messages are often direct, they are also candid so you can interpret the message and take from it what you need. I understand that people are more receptive when they can relate, this book is for "those" people, because I too am one of "those" people.

May it guide, assist, encourage, and influence you to your proposed destiny. For every reason you feel like you can't, I was sent to tell you that you can. May you go on to change the world because it needs what you have to offer. You will change your piece of the world and I am a testament to that, just do the work!

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